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Welcome to the Realms of Kaos Wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to provide information about the races, classes, areas and items of Realms of Kaos,
as well as to provide tips and guidance for its players. Any unrelated material will be removed.

If you're new to the game, start out with our New Players Guide!

Want to help populate the wikipedia? contact us through a ticket to let us know, and we'll create an account for you!


Character Information


General Information

Item Database

This will become an information base of all items in the game.



Other Item Information

Getting Started with Realms of Kaos Wiki

This is a wiki! That means anyone (even you) can edit pages here. First thing, be sure to Create an Account and always make sure to log in before editing pages!

* To link an image from the website simply paste the entire url of the image into an article, with no brackets or other markup. Images hosted on other websites must be uploaded for use in an article.

* To create a new page, replace the title of this page with the one you want to create at the end of the url in your browser, for example "index.php?title=My_New_Page". Use the edit link on that page to create it.

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