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Note: This page should be edited only by official Realms of Kaos Staff. Any non-staff edits to this page will be reverted.

This article's purpose is to clarify Staff policy on some specific incidents that are prohibited under the game's official Terms of Service. It is not a replacement for those rules, just an addendum to minimize any confusion. These specific rules are not limited to what's listed here; these are only the most common. If you're unsure that you're breaking a rule first use common sense, then ask a Staff member!

  • Characters owned by a player that has been banned may not be accessed by another player and may not be sold, traded or given away. If you are found in possession of a character belonging to a banned player it will be assumed you are assisting in a ban evasion and you will also be banned.
  • Attempting to collect any illegal OaD item (that is, at any time other than normal reset and includes keys, weapons/armor, potions, gems, chests, etc.) will also be harshly dealt with. The best course of action is to completely avoid being anywhere near a OaD item for the first fifteen minutes after the server comes back up after a crash.
  • Rangers, Mages and Druids may have up to five spawned or tamed monsters per caster/tamer in a party. The "owner" of the monsters must be in the party at all times.
  • Using any command (like the party /invite command or giving gold) to reveal a hidden Assassin or Thief is abuse.
  • If a Thief or Bard pulls five monsters in an arena with the intent to rob and not kill them, that is also inappropriate. To clarify, these classes are not forbidden to rob in arenas as long as they are doing their share of attacking the monsters that are pulled. As always, good arena etiquette is expected.
  • Attempts to circumnavigate the three character limit will be dealt with in the form of a ban.
  • If a player uses /ignore on you, DO NOT PAGE THAT PLAYER FROM ANOTHER ALT. That is harassment. Conversely, if you put a player on /ignore, DO NOT CONTINUE TO PAGE THAT PLAYER. That is also harassment.
  • While Staff does not encourage nor condone foul language, extra measures to keep the Tavern of Terra and the Tavern of Gaia clean and welcoming to new players are in place. Remember that these two places are the starting points of all new adventurers, and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Do not swear or venture into topics that are unsuitable for common, mainstream conversations.
  • If you find that it is profitable to buy items in one town and sell them in another, this is a mistake on build's part. Please report these discrepancies as soon as possible so they can be remedied. If you are caught taking advantage of them, you will be banned for 3 days on first offense.
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